Best sports bras for pregnancy and breastfeeding


best sports bras pregnancy breastfeedingOne of the very first big changes I noticed during pregnancy was in the breast department. I wish I could say that in a more eloquent way, but plain and simple, your boobs get LARGE. If you are looking for really good sports bras that will carry you through pregnancy, nursing, as well as running or exercising during all of those changes, then this post is for you! I am seven months postpartum, and still breastfeeding, so I'll share my favorite bras I currently have in rotation.


My go-to bra for pretty much everything from a fancy board meeting to a long run is the Moving Comfort Fiona. I love it for work clothes because it doesn't have the criss-cross back and it looks more like a regular bra under clothes. The beauty for it with running is you can make it criss cross if you want, which makes the straps even tighter and more supportive! #winwin (I am wearing a size 34D in this photo) bras (1 of 3)I have three of these! I'd suggest getting one in black and white so you can wear them with every-day clothes, especially if you plan on pumping at work. Wearing a regular high-impact sports bra while trying to pump or breastfeed is the worst.


My favorite for this category is the Oiselle Gifted Verrazano . I don't find it to be supportive enough for running, but it's great for activities like strength training, and biking! (I'm wearing a size 8 in this photo)bras (3 of 3)


The winner here is made by Champion, and is a simple seamless strappy. I have 2 of these I keep in rotation! They are perfect for every day things like working at your computer, yoga, or just lounging :) I loved this while I was pregnant, because there is nothing worse than a tight bra when you're already uncomfortable. They are also thin enough to easily pull up to nurse or pump. (I am wearing a size small in this photo. I've worn the heck out of this thing and clearly need a new one ha!)

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Am I missing any here, ladies? Tell me your favorite sports bras!