New Friends and Life Changes

20140402-094757.jpg Big changes can be scary. As Jon and I get ready for a big move (still not sure where) and getting married (ahh!), I find myself anxious about all the variables in my life about to change. As runners, there's no denying we are creatures of habit. I thrive off consistency and once I find something that works and makes me happy, sometimes it's difficult to convince myself changes can be good. After all, why fix something if it isn't broken!?

Life wouldn't be life without qualms and changes. For me, I have to remind myself to bloom where I'm planted. Difficulties are inevitable. How will I respond to adversity?

It's interesting to note my biggest hesitation about moving: meeting new friends and finding a good training group. I've always made friends easily, and I describe myself as pretty laid-back. Why am I worried about this? Making friends after college takes work. simple as that. No longer is the university providing opportunities to meet new besties. Gone are the "ice cream socials" and organized sports.


I read some posts a few weeks ago on Apartment Therapy about making friends in a new city as a post-grad. So interesting!

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Our first goal is to get plugged into a good church and meet new friends there, and I also hope to find a good training group. Both are key for me. While I'm hesitant about changes because I'm so happy and comfortable where we are, I know this is important for Jon and I as he starts medical school, and ultimately, excited more than scared. Something about exploring a new city makes me really happy.


What about you?! Do you get nervous about big moves and changes in your life?

Any tips on moving to a new city and meeting friends/training group?