Pre-Race Jitters and FIRST POST! (ever!)

Tomorrow I race the Andrew Jackson 1/2 Marathon.IMG_3268 This is a race in my hometown (actually the oldest marathon in TN!), and for years, I watched from afar thinking, "I'd really like to race that one day." When I decided to focus on the half marathon for this spring's training cycle, I adjusted my schedule so that this race would be the first of two.  I don't expect to kill it tomorrow, but I do hope to PR.  I didn't taper for this race, and it will be a great baseline indicator for my current fitness level.

I have had a sticky note stuck to my work computer for months with my 1/2 marathon goal time on it. After racing the Nashville Hot Chocolate 15k a month ago and surprising the heck out of myself with a 1.05 (7.02/mile pace), I quietly x'd through that 1.35 on the sticky note, replacing it with a 1.30. That's scary. "Am I capable of a 1.30 this soon?" I don't know, honestly. It's a little ambitious, and I may not be ready for a 1.30, but I do know a 1.35 is  selling myself short. So 1.30 it is. Let's do this.IMG_3671In the last month, I've put in a few solid workouts. I've been conservative in my training, focusing on quality miles and just 1 hard run a week + a long run. February 28---> 7 miles at 6.42 pace

March 9---> 9 miles at 6.52 pace 

The numbers from the workouts above say I'm ready, right? Why do I doubt myself, then? 13.1 miles at 6.52 pace makes me want to run and hide in a closet. I'm scared, there's no doubt. Fear is propelling, I realize, but I have this reoccurring scene in my head of approaching mile 9 and absolutely bonking. So, in moments like these, I tell myself the following mantras:

"Take the emotions out of it."

"It will hurt. Accept the physical pain."

"Be brave. Work the hills" >>>Thank you, Jessica!

Yesterday and today have been relaxed as I soak up this vitamin D we get to experience as of late! Wahoo! Great lunches at work + hydrating. I think tomorrow will be fun.