quick re-cap: 8 MIN PR AND I WON THE 1/2 MARATHON!

IMG_3694Here is what you need to know in numbers:

4: number of 1/2 marathons I now have under my belt. (my average p.r between each is seven minutes. LOLZZ)

1: my place today (female).

8: the number of minutes I took off today from my last 1/2 in November of 2013


13: how many miles during the race I felt absolutely turrrrible.

Look, this was a small race, and my time wasn't incredibly fast, but let's all be honest, a win is a win, and it feels pretty dang good, especially in my hometown. I'll do a race re-cap here soon, but for now I'll leave you with three solid photos from today.IMG_3798

Also, please note my 84 year-old grandmother in photo above doing the flex while sporting my medal. Win photo of the day without a doubt.

Have a great saturday night! I'm off to get froyo.