Spring 1/2 Marathon Training: Week 14 of 16

For most of 2013, my mileage averaged about 35-40 miles a week. During 2014, I'm looking at increasing an overall average of 10 miles per week.  This week was the highest in terms of mileage for this particular training cycle, after a rough start to the year (I dealt with some achilles/ankle pain for most of January). The Deets: 50 miles. 5 total runs. 1 strength training session. 1 Core workout. 2 days of complete rest. 

20140405-153818.jpg MONDAY, MARCH 31: AM: 7 easy miles. 8.09 pace PM: Jon and I had a date night to Lowes. Listen, we love Lowes. Jon has quite the green thumb (hello environmental science major), so anytime I have questions about plants or growing food, I immediately turn to him, and then I'm overwhelmed with gratitude that I get to marry a man who is brilliant with all things horticulture. WIN. We planted our seedlings and are now watching them ever-so-closely as they sprout and we get SO MUCH FRESH BASIL FOR PESTO! 20140405-153739.jpgTUESDAY, APRIL 1: AM:  Easy 7 miles with Beth, 8:20 pace. PM: 2.67 miles with Corporate Wellness Group, 9:21 pace

I haven't talked about this yet, but part of my job involves leading a health and wellness project. This spring, there are about 25 folks in the running/walking group who are completing their first 5 or 10k! We are 6 weeks into the project, and have 6 weeks to go--halfway there! I couldn't be more proud of them.

After working late and running twice, it was time to flush out those legs. Before compression socks became a thing, I followed elite runner Camille Herron's blog, and read that she wore diabetic tights during recovery. GENIOUS. I have been using diabetic tights for a few years now. These babies go allll the way up the leg and thighs. I wake up feeling suppaaa refreshed. I also like to lay with my legs and feet up on the wall. Look at those flesh-toned tights. Sexy.  20140405-153100.jpg WEDNESDAY, APRIL 2: PM: 2 mile repeats. (dom dom dommmm...) I was scared of this workout. Look, I'm a speedster, not an endurance monster, but still, when I think of speed, I do NOT think of 2 mile repeats. I think of 400s, 800s, and maaaaybee 1000s. I don't even think I've ever done anything longer than 1 mile repeats.

However, Beth insisted this was going to be a good strong confidence boosting workout, and guess what? IT WAS! I honestly felt like I crushed this workout. We did a 1 mile warm up, then headed right into the workout. Between each 2 mile interval, we ran an easy recovery mile at about 8:45 pace.

Splits----> 13:02 (6:33,6:29). 12:58 (6:31, 6:27). 12:46 (6:29, 6:13). 6:13?!?! WHERE DID THAT COME FROM.

THURSDAY, APRIL 3:  8 miles, 8:33 pace. I ran the first 3 with the Corporate Health and Wellness group (9:40 pace), then ran 5 on my own at 8 minute pace.

FRIDAY, APRIL 4: Complete Rest Day I front-loaded my miles this week so I would have two days off during the weekend, as Jon and I each got a day off from work (first one since christmas. HALLELUJAH!) and headed up to the mountain where he graduated from college. A bunch of his college friends rented a house and to sum up the weekend, it was full of the following: -laughs -beer -good friends -delicious food -more beer/refreshing beverages ;) -much needed relaxation -oh, and sand volleyball/rugby, too :)

20140405-153807.jpgSATURDAY, APRIL 5: Long Run, 15 miles, 7.50 pace

I used this run to practice fueling and wanted to get in some good hills. Being in the mountains, it wasn't hard to find them! Mission accomplished. My elevation gain was about 1,000 feet, and I took  about 10 ounces of Generation UCAN mixed with water at mile 8 after starting on an empty stomach. This was my first experience trying UCAN, and I have nothing bad to say about it!

I dropped Eli off at the house at mile 8 when I got my fuel, then was on my way to finish it out. Finished the last 7 strong and negative split the run! Success!


SUNDAY, APRIL 6:  Complete rest day. I usually use one day a week as a complete rest day, and one day as a cross-training day, but with high-mileage and traveling, I figured I could use an extra complete rest day. Glad I did. 

Overall, a great training week! A solid workout and a strong + hilly long run in an unfamiliar place. Can't complain one bit. 2 weeks until race day.