Spring 1/2 Marathon Training: Week 16 of 16!!

Final week before the big race!

Lots of thoughts going into this week. Am I ready? Most importantly, how will my stomach cramps feel? What is the course like? You know the routine :)

Well, it was actually a really great training week, and I felt confident heading into something I had put my heart and soul into the past 15 weeks.

The Deets:
38 miles. 5 total runs. 1 strength training session. 1 Core workout. 2 days of complete rest. 20140422-110725.jpg

Complete Rest Day. Don't exactly like taking rest days on Monday (for some reason, it just feels like I'm wasting my rest day on the very first day. Anyone else get this feeling??), but alas, I knew I needed one, so I did what I needed to do.

Also, I had time in the morning before work to experiment with making "Bulletproof Coffee." Have you tried it/heard of it? It's a great and even tasty way to get in your good fats. (I talked about this in my last post) Here's the basic recipe:
8-10 oz hot brewed coffee
1 teaspoon grass-fed organic butter (yep, butter!!)
1-2 tablespoons coconut oil (yep, oil!)
sweetener of your choice
Put all in a blender or use an immersion blender, and blend away until it is really nice and frothy! Drink immediately. After about 30 minutes, the oil will begin to separate and it's no bueno in my opinion :)  20140422-103716.jpg

2 miles, 9 minute pace. Strength Training and Core. 1 hour professional deep-tissue massage
AM: Shoot. I slept through my alarm. This rarely happens, and I was not a happy camper about it. Maybe my body was saying it was really tired. Not the end of the world, but not the greatest way to start off race week, or so I felt.

PM: 2 miles with the Corporate Wellness Group. 9 minute pace. Once I remembered I couldn't run on my own after the group run because I had a massage appointment, I was really not a happy camper. Again, I had to just let this go. Not the end of the world :)

During lunch break that day, I headed on over to the gym to do strength + core, as well as get in a good foam roll/torture sesh. Hate Love this crazy-looking device. 20140422-103558.jpg

AM: 7 miles total. 1 mile w/u, 5 miles at 1/2 marathon race pace (6:51), 1 mile c/d. After resting the past 2 days, I jumped out of bed at 4:45a.m (WHO AM I??), ready to go. HA. I had to do the workout solo, so I drove to a route I knew would be a great mixture of hilly, but one I had run previous workouts on, so I had the confidence to get'er done. I knew it would be mentally taxing to be solo, but it was just what I needed. Felt strong, and besides the pep-talk I had to give myself at mile 3, I felt GREAT when I finished. 3 days till' race day!

PM: Met up with this handsome goob after work. He had just finished his first 80 minute training run ever! Really, Jon is super athletic (played soccer in college), and literally KILLS me every time we go on a bike ride, but running is something he's never really gotten into. Proud of him for how well he has trained for his upcoming Olympic Distance Triathlon scheduled for May.20140422-103524.jpg

AM: 8 easy miles with Tiff, 8:15 pace. 

PM: 3 miles with corporate wellness group, 8:30 pace. Where is my brain this week? I definitely should not have run 11 miles 2 days before my biggest race of the year. But, after running 8 with Tiffany, I realized, "SHOOT! I HAVE THE CORPORATE WELLNESS GROUP TODAY!" Oopsy!

Had an awesome lunch that day, though. I am really into these baked sweet potatoes with coconut butter and cinnamon. SO good. 20140422-103437.jpg

3 easy miles with 5x100 meter strides. RACE DAY EVE!! It worked out really nicely that I was off work on Friday. I SO needed it, and thoroughly enjoyed doing all things domesticated that I have neglected the past few months. Life is nuts right now with work full time, grad school full time, and planning a wedding. I put all those things aside, though, on Friday, and stopped to smell the roses, if you will :) I literally stared at these succulents for 10 minutes.20140422-103618.jpg

Also made some KILLER blueberry muffins with walnuts. (Recipe from www.ohsheglows.com) Perfect pre-race day snack.


RACE DAYYYYYY. I'll obviously do a full re-cap soon, but I will somewhat spoil the surprise and tell you the bittersweet news.
-I was first place out of everyone, including guys and gals! (small race with it being Boston marathon weekend)
-No PR..ran a 1:33xx :(
-pretty disappointed, but like I said, I'll re-cap that crazy experience soon. (got lost three times and ran the ENTIRE race completely alone. ugh.)
I'll leave you with some fun photos, though! My mom and I post-race. Classic sun's out, gun's out pose ;)


Can you tell I'm not a happy camper about the race? Ha. 20140422-103912.jpg