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This is part 3 of 4 of my running/pregnancy/life catch up I’m doing on the blog. Here is part 1 , and here is part 2 if you missed them!

As I mentioned earlier, by week 12, I was beginning to finally feel more like myself again, not only physically with being able to stomach foods like salad and vegetables, but the "fog" and sadness I talked a lot about in my last post was slowly subsiding. I have never dealt with depression, so that was all new territory for me. The surging hormones really did a number on my mental well-being, and I was just so happy to be feeling more upbeat.

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The second trimester is known for being the easiest of the 3, with increased energy and less physical discomforts than the first and third. I would say this was definitely true for me! Weeks 12-26 were a breeze. I've never been pregnant before this, but I can say there was a stark contrast between the first trimester and the second. Man. Growing a baby is the real deal! It will humble you and knock you on your face so fast, and it has in many ways. I truly feel like a different person than I was 9 months ago.


At the beginning of this trimester, I was still experimenting with what is "too much" in terms of intensity with running. To go from giving everything you have in a workout, to being super cautious in order to keep baby safe was difficult for me. Of course, the baby's health is wayyy more important than a silly workout, but at times it was still frustrating to have to turn that competitive/adrenaline-rush-junkie switch off. Remembering to slow down (in life in general) and enjoy the process was a constant battle for me. That comes easier for some women, I know. Jen is a great example of having a healthy mindset while pregnant and running. Talking, reading, and listening to others who've done this before really helped me to take a deep breath and relax.

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I "raced" a bit during this time, too, which was fun. I was starting to understand what so many women had told me when they said, "You'll just know" when too much is too much. I was so frustrated when I'd hear that in the beginning, but ultimately, it's true. You know your body better than anyone, and as a mom, you're going to do what's best for your baby. I was finally getting to a place, with running in particular, where I felt I had a good handle on what training would look like for me, and when too much was too much. There would be a day when I'd hobble home after a run, totally sore in all areas of my hips/pelvis from pushing too hard. Of course, the baby isn't affected by sore muscles necessarily, but obviously I did too much, so the next workout, I'd know to reign it in.

For our anniversary, Jon surprised me with a trip out west to Sedona, Arizona! It was an amazing weekend away, and once again, a good reminder that these 9 months are meant to be enjoyed. I am such a go-go-go type person, so learning to slow down and be present has been a much-needed skill I've been forced to adopt. Being in Sedona among the beauty, and even doing a relaxing yoga class taking it all in was a perfect representation of this time.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset As I approached 25 weeks and onward, things shifted very quickly from "OMG I'm in a groove and running while pregnant isn't too bad!" to "Wow, I literally feel like my hips are 90 years old, and where did all this abdominal pressure and round ligament pain come from?" Things got uncomfortable practically overnight.

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My last hard-ish runs would be at 28 weeks. On Saturday I ran the last leg of a relay, and on Sunday I paced my friend, Beth, for the middle 6 miles of her marathon (which she got 2nd place in, by the way!) How did I know I'd be hanging up my running shoes for a while after that weekend? As much as I hated hearing these words from other people, "I just knew." :)

This is part 3 of 4 of my running/pregnancy/life catch up I’m doing on the blog.

Here is part 1 , and here is part 2 if you missed them!

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