with a background in qualitative research and a masters in anthropology, i've learned to have a great appreciation for assessing the individual and gaining insights based on personal needs. 

No two athletes are the same, therefore no two running plans should be, either.

Have you ever wondered why some athletes do better with higher mileage, some perform best with little to no taper, while others thrive on less speed-work? Individualization and using strategies that are evidence-based are the building blocks to success. 

What that looks like is I take a thorough and investigative approach when beginning with a new client.

I ask a lot of questions, and begin crafting a plan based on history, current life schedule, internal motivation and drive, as well as goals. It is a multifaceted training plan, which is appropriate, because we are people, not robots, and people have many layers, like an onion :)  

Finally, what many of my clients will tell you is the heavy emphasis I place on building mental strength. This isn’t a naturally occurring piece of the puzzle in most cases, but the best part is it can be built and honed.

At the heart of reaching your goals is having fun and being willing to push yourself, which are two things I focus on a lot with my clients. If you aren’t having fun, why do it? 

Still have questions? Shoot me a message below! I'd love to talk. 

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