Britnee found consistency and accountability

"Katie has been the most encouraging and inspirational person I could ask for while helping me achieve my running goals! Even though I'm over 1,000 miles away from her, she's been so engaged since the beginning over 2 years ago. I'm faster, stronger, and overall so much happier since I took the leap into the running world and I know I couldn't have done it without her. Looking forward to progressing even more as a runner and working with Katie for years to come!"








Alice went from 2:20 half- marathoner to 2:05

"I am so grateful that I decided to train with Katie! I have always thought of myself as a "slow" runner, but after working with her for just a few months, I improved my easy pace by 1 min and 40 seconds per mile, and ran a 1/2 marathon almost an hour faster than the first time! I am so excited about the future of my running!"










Erin PR'd in every distance, from 5k-marathon

"Training with Katie has been such a fantastic decision.  Not only has she improved my running, she has helped improve my self-confidence.  Before working with Katie, I was guessing on everything. I didn't know how hard to push myself or what I was capable of.  Katie has tailored my workouts to fit what I enjoy and has pushed me to meet goals I never thought I could reach.  Her positive and encouraging attitude and competitive nature have been exactly what I needed. While training for my first marathon, she found out I was struggling with nutrition.  She jumped right in with the perfect nutrition plan that carried me through marathon training, 26.2 miles on race day, and continual training. Because of Katie I can set difficult goals and know that with her help, I can achieve them!"





Keely gained confidence through running postpartum

"I sought out Katie a few months after having my first baby. Pregnancy had taken a toll on my body and I wanted to lose the extra weight I had gained, knowing that I would feel better and have more energy to take care of my family each day. I’ve always struggled to maintain a consistent fitness routine, starting something only to quit a few weeks later. It was humbling to ask for help, but I knew I would benefit from the accountability, planning, education, and encouragement that Katie’s coaching had to offer. What started as a pursuit to shed weight developed into an appreciation for a higher level of fitness I never thought possible. Katie has developed my drive to dig deep, become stronger, and set new goals for myself in terms of speed and endurance. Months later, I signed up for a 5K and was amazed at my time. I saw huge progress from following the customized fitness plan she had created for me, and walked away from that race with even bigger, faster goals. As a mother, Katie understands that prioritizing exercise and good nutrition can be difficult when your days are so full. But as a coach, she has helped me fight for what matters to me most and recognize that the time I invest in my health each day benefits not just myself, but contributes to the wellbeing of my whole family.”


Cat pr'd in 4 distances, and pushed through mental barriers

"I sought Katie out during my pregnancy with our third child, wanting to maintain as much fitness as I could to transition back into running smoothly after the birth. Little did we know that my return to running would require so much breakthrough, and ultimately it had less to do with my running capabilities and more to do with my confidence and self-belief! More than a coach, Katie has fiercely poured into me and helped me work through challenges every step of the way to achieve my running goals. Looking back we’ve achieved quite a lot together; a mile PR, a 5K PR, a 4 mile PR, placing in a local 5K series and as of this weekend I am a minute off a lifetime half marathon PR. Phew! Hard to believe all of this in the space of a year.  I cannot have worked through this past year alone and most importantly, I’ve gained an amazing friend."