Germantown 1/2 Marathon! Customized Training Plan

Germantown 1/2 Marathon! Customized Training Plan


What all is included?

  • Individual goal-planning session
  • Customized one-on-one coaching to match your goals
  • Dynamic warm-ups
  • Strength training workouts (for the gym or at home!)
  • Private Facebook community just for this race
  • Daily training and encouragement 
  • Monthly encouragement and accountability phone call or coffee date
  • Weekly group workout at the University of Memphis Field House track.


  • This is a 3 month, 12 week training plan beginning on December 18th and ending on race day, March 10th! 
  • When you add the item to your cart, a few questions will pop up for you to fill out so I can have more info when creating your training plan. 
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